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Hopkins & Ball work with organisations in the North West of England and North Wales to dramatically transform their levels of employee engagement.  They facilitate leadership groups to share ideas on engagement, conduct audits and coach leaders on how to further engage their organisations, conduct employee engagement surveys and up skill employees in leadership, management and core skills.

Their unique 360 degree skills assessment process allows everyone in the organisation to identify their areas for development before being carefully with the right course, programme or webinar that up skills them in the most time effective manner.

Before working with WPbees the 360 degree skills assessment process was entirely manual and could take several hours to complete for a single organisation. Hopkins & Ball recognised this limitation and asked WPbees to make strategic changes to their WordPress website so that the majority of the skills assessment process (capturing the data, monitoring the data captured, analysing the data and reporting on the data) could be automated before the necessary process of making recommendations could begin.

WPbees created a series of data capture forms for each of the leadership, management and core skills surveys using the Gravity Forms plugin. Conditional Logic and Dynamic Population was used throughout each form so that a single form could be repurposed depending on it’s target audience (leaders themselves or their colleagues).

The thing I liked most about this project was also the most challenging part of the project - crunching all of that data! It was great to be able to make calculations based on the survey data collected and then provide that as a pre-formatted, downloadable report for the Hopkins & Ball team to use.

Chris HoughManaging Director WPbees

Submitted form data was collected and then analysed post submission before being saved to the WordPress database. WPbees wrote a number of completely bespoke functions to analyse and identify trends within the submitted survey data; Something which before could take several minutes, was now executed behind the scenes in several seconds.

As well as updating the Gravity forms to send email notifications to all relevant parties, WPbess also used Zapier to connect the Gravity Form to several Google spreadsheets, saving the data exernally and allowing for independent analysis of the data collected.

Finally, WPbees created a reporting dashboard within the WordPress platform so that Hopkins & Ball could select data entries from groups of leaders (and their colleagues) and create downloadable reports in just a few clicks of a mouse, making even more time efficiencies for the team at Hopkins & Ball.

We’ve been lucky enough to be working with Chris on our website for a number of years. Chris is fantastic at taking in our needs and coming back with practical solutions that work for us and our clients. He’s been instrumental in both developing our website, protecting our website and developing solutions that save us lots of time when we’re processing data. As with all businesses, things never stand still, so Chris is constantly updating the functionality of our site as our product and processes evolve.

Jerry HopkinsHopkins & Ball

Once downloaded, Hopkins & Ball could then further analyse, interpret, annotate and update these reports to make specific recommendations based on the crunched-data output by the WPbees’ reporting platform.

To find out more about Hopkins & Ball or to assess your leadership skills, please visit https://www.hopkinsandball.com/

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