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spanner-rightHosting, domain names, name servers, databases… the seemingly simple task of moving a WordPress website from one place to another can all get, well, rather intimidating, and when you add to the mix a large site upon which your business relies, this move can begin to appear positively terrifying.

Let me handle the technical bits – and look forward to your website being moved from point A to point B with minimal downtime and no potential for lost data; and if you also need to change your domain name at the same time – I can do that too. No fuss, no frights, no fraught moments worrying about your website.

What do I need to have in place before I can move my website?

Typically, a website move involves taking a website from server A and placing it on server B. For example, it could be that you’ve been with your current webhost for a number of years, but a new host is offering a new package that would suit your needs better. So you would need to move your existing site from your current server, to your new web host’s server.

To get started I would need login details to the Control Panel areas of your existing host and you’re new webhost. These details would have been sent to you via email when you signed up for the hosting accounts.

Do I need a new domain name?

Not always. Taking the example above, you just want to move the existing WordPress website from Point A to Point B, the domain name would stay the same although we would need to repoint it from server A to server B, but that just involves providing me with a few extra login details and I’ll take care of that for you.

If you did want to change the domain name, in some circumstances the web site files themselves could remain in exactly the same place, or we could move the website and update the domain name at the same time. It’s slightly more involved but Id make sure I had everything I needed ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition.

Do I need a new hosting account?

Not necessarily. Depending on your exact requirements, I can advise you ahead of time as to what setup you will need and I can check all of your account details before the move begins so that we’re not caught wanting during the migration.

How long does it take to move my WordPress website?

Typically the WordPress migration service takes a few hours and is normally completed same day.

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The 3 feet promise

moneyA bee hive can be moved up to 3 feet from its original site, and the bees will still be able to find it, but more than this, and you run the risk of the flying bees returning to the old site and getting lost. We don’t want this to happen with customers returning to your website! And so the “3 feet promise” guarantees that when I move your WordPress website everything will work as good as it did before the move – or 100% of your money back.

Ready to get make the move?

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