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Wish you could use WordPress confidently but get stuck doing the simplest of things?

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My name is Chris and Im a WordPress nerd!

That’s right, Im one of those people who’s spent too much time wrangling the WordPress Content Management system over the past ten years and I have the scars to prove it.

WordPress Expert

I work with WordPress on a daily basis, creating WordPress websites from scratch for my beloved clients and as such I know WordPress better than anyone I know.

WordPress Screencast Training

For the past few years, for almost every job I’ve completed, I’ve created a short WordPress training video, walking my lovely clients through the ins-and outs of the WordPress CMS and how they can get the most out of it.
I’ve shown clients how to add new pages and posts, how to manage file downloads, how to add events, take online payments, build functional contact forms and much much more.

On-demand WordPress Training

For a limited time Im going to open up my WordPress Training videos to new customers as a stand alone service. I can help you work with WordPress to accomplish your business goals.

The Three Foot Promise

Beekeepers know that if a hive is moved more than three feet from it’s original position, there is a high likelihood that any bees returning after a hard day collecting nectar will be disorientated, confused and unable to find their home. That’s how you might feel when working with your WordPress website; confused, disorientated, frustrated like a busy bee!
If I can’t move you three feet with my WordPress training videos and you don’t start to feel more comfortable with your WordPress website, I’ll either give you a new set of training videos or offer you a full refund within 7 days of your purchase.

Within the training I can help you

  • Manage Posts
  • Manage Images and File Uploads
  • Create Pages
  • Alter Page Content
  • Re-order Pages
  • Install a Visual Page Builder
  • Use a Visual Page Builder
  • Manage new Types of Content (Jobs, Events, Image Galleries)
  • Secure Your Website
  • Backup Your Website
  • Feel Confident Undoing Changes
  • Search Engine Optimise Your Site
  • Make your site run faster
  • Manage Site Menus
  • Create Hidden and Members Only Content
  • Setup a simple online shop
  • And much, much more.

Within the training I won’t be able to help you

  • Do Graphic Design
  • Do Video Editing
  • Create a full site from scratch
  • Create the new facebook
  • Edit your copy or copywriting
  • Upload ecommence products
  • Make you top of Google

How the WordPress Training service will work

You’ll send me a list of questions and some details about your website.
I’ll review this list , followup with any questions, and once I know exactly what you want to achieve, I’ll show you via a series of screencast videos the what’s, why’s and wherefores of how to accomplish exactly what you need within 48hours. I’ll give you time to watch the videos and then we can schedule a 30 minute followup call/Skype in case you have any followup questions or concerns.

Training that Lasts Forever

The screencast videos I give you are yours forever. So if you ever need to refresh your memory (or train a new member of your team) they’re on hand and can be viewed at the click of a button.

WordPress Training Application

Training spaces are limited, so to begin the conversation get in touch below and we can discuss what you need to achieve.

WordPress mastery is just an email away ..

Make a bee-line for the Contact page

Chris provided a straightforward and effective solution to revamping our website. The process was quick and very cost-effective.

The retainer arrangement has also been very helpful, allowing our small team to manage site updates with minimum fuss.

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