Project Management

How we manage your WordPress project

Every project we’re part of is different – it’s just one of the things that makes the job so enjoyable. Yet for the most part, whether working with design agencies, fellow freelancers or marketing teams, our project management process, and how we’d work together, would tend to go a little like this…

You’ll whizz on over an email enquiry

You’ll tell us all about your visions, ideas and direction, budget, deadline and goals.

We’ll create a rough outline of what services are required

This part can be thought of as the napkin and pencil stage. At this stage we’ll want to dig in to your business goals, your requirements and how you hope to use WordPress on this project.

Check availability and deadlines

Time to check the diary – we’ve usually got projects booked in several weeks in advance but we also like to think we’re an organised bunch and eager to please, so when we provide you with a deliverable date, it’ll be set in stone – a cast iron guarantee.

A meeting either in person or by Skype

Time to break bread and chat either face to face in person or through Skype. Questions will be asked, ideas will be explored and your project will, by now, be well and truly on the way to being firmed up.

Roadmapping – A quick but detailed look at project

Following our meeting we may recommend a small roadmapping project. This has many benefits to you and your business. First and foremost, it’s a chance for us to dig in and work on your project. Past knowledge is great, but hands-on experience is better. This roadmapping project will help test the feasibility of the riskiest areas of your project, laying down a solid groundwork for further exploration or firming up the timescales and budget ahead of the final project kick-off. In addition, it’s also a great way to test the waters. It can be scary committing to a large project with multiple staged payments. A roadmapping project is a single, fixed payment and will give you a feel for what it’s like to work with us and how I deliver projects.

Once the roadmapping project is complete, it’s yours to use and takeway or we can continue to work together and the price of the roadmapping project is discounted from the overall cost of the project. Win-win.

Agreement of what needs to be done and by whom

Once we’ve beavered away upon the requirements of the project we’ll then put our heads together and agree upon what needs to be done, by whom and when by. This is very much a partnership.

A budget is agreed and virtual hands are shook

Now we’ve brainstormed, explored and laid out our plans, it’ll then be time to provide agree a budget.

Your work is scheduled – Time to pop the champagne corks

With everything confirmed you’ll be booked in and we’ll almost be ready to go.

You’ll whizz me on over your assets

We’ll have already agreed the assets to be delivered before we can get coding – and be they PSD, content, sitemaps or competitor websites references, now will be the time to send them on over.

WordPress Development – Time to get to work

That’s the vital planning out of the way – now you can leave it to us as we get to work with bringing your designs to life.

Development site delivered – Now it’s time to see the fruits of our labour

At this stage we’ll share the development URL with you for you to review. Take a look around, explore the site and check out just how your project is coming along.

QA, snags, tweaking – The first round

Once you’re ready you’ll be in touch with any questions, snags or tweaks that will help the project to reach it’s goals.

Development site updated

We’ve listened to all that you’ve said and put into place the changes that help make our project better. Once again you’ll review your site.

QA, snags, tweaking – The second round

At this stage the website is all but complete and you’ll be in touch to provide any further tweaks and changes that may be required before finally unleashing our creation upon the world.

Website launched

Now for the truly exciting part – your website is launched and live.

QA, snags, tweaking – The third, and final round

Here we go again… yet this will be the final iteration, and often there are few, if any, remaining questions we haven’t discussed and tweaks we haven’t completed.

Delivery of training, documentation materials

It’s not quite over, yet – this last stage will ensure that you, or your end client, receive the training and documentation that you need to make the most of your shiny new website.

Throughout a typical project, communication is done via Basecamp. This helps everyone keep track of what has been agreed and delivered, where we’re at and what’s left to do. You’ll receive invites to our Basecamp ahead of any work starting.

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