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There are a handful of plugins that we use on almost every WordPress website we build. Be it plugins to create lead capture/payment forms, plugins to speed up your website, or plugins to make managing the content on your site easier.

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Your team is already at capacity and you don’t want to disappoint your important client.

What do you do?

As a design agency, you need to spend your time at the business end of a UX strategy, or a branding proposal or even just managing the day to day task of filling your pipeline with new work. You don’t need to spend it knee deep in the entrails of a content management system like WordPress or, even worse, wondering if the developer you’ve passed your painstakingly created designs over to is still on track to deliver the project.

Not only can poorly coded websites and lacklustre deadline management impact upon your processes, it moreover can impact the very ways in which your brand is regarded by your clients.

Reliability, trustworthiness and punctuality are a must – and when you have to outsource – it can be a real worry.

You need a skilled developer to support your team’s activities. A developer that you can trust.

I am that developer, and agencies up and down the country have trusted me with providing the code that brings their designs to life for over ten years. I understand the concerns and needs of design agencies, which is why I provide white label options to produce work of which my clients are proud to present.

I love working with incredible, dynamic design teams – and if this sounds like an apt description of your team – you may well want to read on to find out why, in 11 reasons, I’m the go-to guy that could be become an integral part of your team.

I’ve built up an extensive portfolio – it’s the proof of my pudding

There can be nothing that serves as testament to a developer’s skills than his most recent work. But try not to concentrate on the site’s aesthetics, (as nine point nine times out of ten I didn’t design them myself) but instead on the quality of the work and the brands who have entrusted me to deliver for them.

I am diligently deadline driven

The life of a design agency is one of vital deadlines and consistent pressure – miss a launch date, and it could well spell disaster. With deadlines to meet and clients to service, you need a developer who you can trust with what can be nothing less than the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

As you know – the success or failure of a project is founded upon planning and a complete understanding of the process ahead, and I’ll do my damnedest to fully understand your requirements before so much as firing up my Mac. From there on in it’ll be all go, go, and go, with nothing but dead set mini milestones and solid communication to keep you updated along the way.

With me, WordPress websites are just the start

I’ve built hundreds of WordPress websites from the ground up, but sometimes you’ll need specialist WordPress knowledge to work on the smaller of tasks, such as the building of WordPress templates, the creation custom post types, the tweaking of a WordPress ecommerce platform, the editing of WordPress widgets, short codes and more. I have expertise in these areas and small team of developers who I work with on a regular basis for additional support.

I’m Transparent

Every design agency is different, and whatever you’re individual needs, I fit my service to suit.

Need me to work as part of your team? No problem – and as far as your client is concerned, I’m another rather talented developer in your company.

Our communication, tasks and milestones will usually be run through Basecamp to help you understand what Im working on and when so you can brief your client.

As you know – no website project is problem free

Let’s face facts: almost every website project in the world encounters a hiccup or two. It’s the ways in which these problems are overcome that counts.

That’s why I always raise issues early, and I’ll work alongside you to figure out the best solution for your client. I can work with your other developers, team leaders, project managers and even members of the board. It’s all part of the service.

I’m happy to work on existing code

Sure, I prefer to roll my own, but I know what it’s like to work as part of a team and pick up a task from where it was left. I frequently work with and extend existing custom code and third-party plugins.

It’s your client; it’s your codebase.

If Im taking over a project then the code would already be yours, whilst if Im creating some new functionality from scratch, once the bills are settled and the project is complete, you would retain full ownership.

I work, whenever possible, with both the Bootstrap framework and Foundation framework

So not only are the sites I build fantastically responsive, they’re also built on a well documented grid so they can be easily extended at a later date.

I might tell you I’m a trusted developer… but it may be my clients who best provide me with credibility – References are available on request

I provide great support both during and after the project

Most projects I complete, especially if Im creating something bespoke or functionality that requires a more than a few steps to create will come complete with a screencast video, showing you and your team click by click how to manage and maintain the site I’ve built for you.

If you or your client needs additional ongoing support after the project has been handed over that’s no problem either. I have a number of maintenance plans that can be customised to suit your needs.

I can provide white-labelling of my service at no extra cost

Your WordPress developer is just an email away ..

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We had a time sensitive project with a lot of internal road blocks.
Working with Chris we managed to launch our blog on schedule and got better functionality than we thought possible.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Chris. Chris provided a fast turnaround and was incredibly patient with a clueless client!
We especially enjoyed the incredibly detailed video tutorials that Chris provided detailing how to use our WordPress website.

We would highly recommend working with Chris. Chris is fast, thorough and wasn't afraid to push the boundaries of what we wanted to do, making what we had planned way more advanced and ultimately better for the business.

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