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Your WordPress website is an integral tool in your marketing arsenal but what if you don’t have the time or expertise to keep on top of the improvements that you want to make? What do you do?

Technical help and WordPress support for your flourishing business.

We’re you’re go-to team for everyday website updates who ensures that your website is working as hard as it can – keeping it up, running and, perhaps most importantly, full of the features that foster visitor conversions.

This is a partnership, we work together, we maintain, update and improve your site over time leaving you free to concentrate on the important stuff – such as growing your business, expanding your customer base and improving your profit margins.

WordPress Support for Marketing and Editorial Teams

We work (and have worked) with many marketing and editorial teams to help them make the most of their WordPress websites. Over time we’ve crafted a number of monthly retainers that suit most people’s needs. We can handle adhoc amends to existing site content, create new sections for events, featured news, downloads and whitepapers, integrate WordPress with MailChimp, CRM systems, accounting systems, as well as helping with site content updates, blog posts and much, much more …

Our two monthly maintenance plans are listed above. We can discuss which retainer would be best suited to your exact needs so please get in touch and we can plan what needs to happen to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be (sometimes called Roadmapping).

WordPress Support when you need it
How you need it

Custom code

Managing Content

We can help you format, plan, improve and codify your website’s content, making it easier than ever to manage and update your WordPress website.

Adding new features

“Wouldn’t it be good if …” – this is how a lot of our change requests start. “Your wish is our command” is how we end them, when we’re feeling whimsical. The rest of the time we just say “Sure, we can do that. No problem.” We can extend and improve the built-in functionality within WordPress, using plugins and custom code when necessary to make your WordPress website run the way you need it to.

Fixing bugs

Nothing is perfect and the WordPress CMS is no different. Occasionally things will break, or parts of your website will stop working as expected. The team at WPbees will be on-hand to figure out what’s misbehaving and get it all back on track.

Custom development

A large part of our daily lives is writing and working with custom code. If you need something special, or need to change something that the WordPress dashboard won’t give you access to, let us know and we can dial-in to the Matrix Neo-style to get it done.

WordPress for marketing teams

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