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    Does your website never seem to leave your to-do list?

    As you’re busy growing the business, your website is starting to slow you down. You know you need updates to your pages, and you’ve been meaning to add new features to serve your growing audience but you never seem to have the time!

    Small fixes, page tweaks, new features, big changes ... We work together to deliver them all on time.

    We work with you (and your team) on a monthly basis to help you deliver on your business’ short-term and long-term website goals. We will plan and strategise what you need to deliver over the coming months and will work with you to get it done.

    But that’s not all. Here’s more of what I can do for you…

    Data recovery that saves lives (perhaps a little melodramatic, but hey)

    When your data gets corrupted all hell can break loose – with our services, and off-site backup, we’ll be able to get things back to exactly how they were the day before, or the day before that, or the day before that or… you get the point! Anyway, day saved! That’s the point.

    Protect your investment

    You made a wise investment when you chose a WordPress website – we can protect this marketing asset from attacks by monitoring and updating your Plugin and WordPress Core files on a weekly basis.

    Ensure that your site is super speedy and bang up-to-date

    Without the right updates and installations any WordPress platform can begin to put in a sluggish, lacklustre performance – a super speedy site is just another part of our monthly maintenance service.

    404 Not found! – How very unprofessional

    You’ve worked hard to get your visitors onto your site, and the last thing you need is the appearance of a 404 page due to a broken a link. With this service, your broken links will be fixed almost as fast as they appear. No lost business, no confused customers.

    Site down? Business lost.

    When your site’s down, your competitors are the only ones who benefit. Uptime Monitoring ensures that your site never goes down without you noticing.

    A super-fast site – always

    A slow site is a big turn off for customers – and it guarantees lost business and big bounce rates, so we’ll optimise yours to make it faster than the speed of sound (O.K maybe not quite that fast, but very fast indeed).

    What is included?

    • Nightly website backups
    • Daily website security scans
    • Weekly WordPress Core updates
    • Weekly WordPress Plugin updates
    • Weekly backup of backups
    • Monthly check-in
    • Email Support

    What is not included?

    • Hands-on custom development

    NB: Hands-on development time bundles are available separately

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many tasks are included each month?

    With just this maintenance package, only updates to the WordPress core files and Plugin files are included (plus all of the backups and security scanning of course).

    Additional hands-on development time can be purchased separately.

    What login information will you need to get started?

    Once the contracts are signed and sealed, we would need access to your server. Typically gaining access via sFTP login details and/or CPanel login details.

    Do you work evenings and weekends like some freelance WordPress developers?

    No. We keep regular office hours Monday to Friday. We have a few family holidays each year and don’t work over Christmas.

    How will I know you’re working on my tasks?

    Scheduling is not our only secret weapon, we also rely on Basecamp too! Basecamp is a project management tool through which we provide frequent communication and total transparency on the tasks being worked upon. When we work together there should never be a time where you’re thinking, I wonder what WPbees is up to today? .. unless we’re on holiday, in which case the answer is most probably “arguing with the kids and sipping piña coladas”.

    Will you work with our existing code? Are you happy taking over a project?

    Absolutely. Sure, we prefer to roll our own, but we frequently work and extend existing custom code and third-party plugins.

    Who will own the site (code) once you’ve finished working?

    That would be you. If we’re taking over a project then the code would already be yours, whilst if we’re creating some new functionality from scratch, once the bills are settled and the project is complete, you would retain full ownership.

    Our site must be responsive and work on mobiles, is that a problem?

    We’ve been working with responsive websites for over seven years. Every site we work on these days is optimised for viewing on many different devices including phones and tablets.

    Will the work you do be search engine optimised?

    Wherever possible the sites we work on will be tweaked and optimised to improve their performances within the major search engines. We can arrange introductions to specialist freelance Search Engine Optimisers if you need something more.

    Chris provides the most up to date expertise and development skills rarely found these days in most so called "web designers". Chris is far more than that as he actually takes the time to listen to you and understand your business model. Once he fully understands where you currently are and where you need to be, he will then offer development ideas which go way beyond the "normal"

    That is what sets Chris apart. As an entrepreneur, you need someone who is efficient; get’s it and then gets on with it! Chris does that.

    We look forward to working with Chris in the future on other projects we are currently developing as he has proven himself time and time again as the man who confidently says "Yes" we can do that!

    Chris has created the most advanced web site for us in the back end (yet beautifully simple for our future prospects and customers in the front end) that is why we would have no hesitation in recommending Chris for any web development work you may be considering.

    Darren PageHeadsets4Business

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