How To Manage WordPress Maintenance

By November 15, 2018 No Comments

So you have a website that is built on WordPress, and you’re able to easily write and upload content for your audience. But having the site is only part of the plan; you also need to maintain and manage the site effectively, which is what we will discuss today.

Let’s start with image optimisation. The last thing you want for your site is for images to be displayed in a manner where they are miniscule, blurred, or simply not in sync with the required dimensions. What’s more, if you have high-resolution pictures that take up greater memory, it’s possible that the site will simply be unable to use them. That’s where WP SmushPro comes in: this handy plug-in feature will compress all images uploaded to the site, ensuring that they are automatically optimised and resized, reducing both their upload time, the speed at which they appear, and the space that they will use within the site’s online storage. This is also extremely useful if you are importing mass content from another site via an XML file, since all of the images will be brought over and suitably compressed.

Now let’s consider security. iThemes Security Pro is the leading plug-in to keep your WordPress site safe from any viruses and attempted hacking. These have unfortunately become a major problem in recent times, especially when it comes to sites ran by big companies. Regardless of the size or scale of your site, or the nature of your business, it is vital to keep your site safe and secure at all times, not only for your benefit but for the benefit of your users and, where applicable, those who log into the site. iThemes Security Pro delivers the highest-quality security protection possible for WordPress sites, and as such we couldn’t recommend it any more.

Now think about content, because having daily articles is great and all, but you need to make sure that you will never lose the huge amount of hard work that you are uploading. BackupBuddy is the ideal plugin for you to have back-ups of all your articles, regardless of their size and nature.. Let’s not underestimate the importance of this: if you happen to have a site that handles reviews for popular culture and entertainment products, you could end up with hundreds or even thousands of articles, so imagine the impact if they all suddenly disappeared? BackupBuddy removes this concern, and is right up there alongside security in terms of being a vital element of the maintenance of your site.

Elsewhere, autoptimise will handle the speed of your site, greatly and positively impacting the user experience, which could be the difference between people only browsing your site occasionally and becoming regular visitors. Manual updates to WordPress core files and plugins are important, preferably on a weekly basis, because a WordPress site can feel very outdated very quickly in terms of functionality; having manual updates initiated will allow you to keep on top of all changes without worrying about affecting the site performance. And there are the usual pitfalls and problems to look out for, which include noticing when certain widgets and plugins (such as a social media/blog RSS feed) may not be working properly, keeping on top of any spam comments to stories, and also recognising the impact of time changes when the clocks go back or forward, because WordPress won’t, meaning that regularly scheduled articles will need to be uploaded a little more carefully.

You may be reading this and thinking “well, how am I going to have the time to do all that?” That’s what WordPress Bees are here for, as we will look after your site by doing all of these things and more for you. Of course, we will alert you about what we are going to do, and we agree any courses of action with you in advance, so nothing will happen with your approval. But in terms of making these things happen, in terms of identifying the best plug-ins and recognising what the best course of action is to tackle a dilemma, we are the very best at maintaining your WordPress site and keeping you head and shoulders above your competitors!

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