Benefits Of WordPress Maintenance For Non-Profit Organisations

By November 20, 2018 No Comments

In a recent article, we discussed the importance of WordPress Maintenance and the different ways that this can be effectively achieved. Here, we will look more closely at the benefits of WordPress Maintenance, in particular for non-profit organisations.

We’ll begin by emphasising that having the site properly maintained will make the site more secure and safer, both for the user and for the organisation. For a non-profit company, this is crucial for two reasons. Firstly, in the event of a security breach, even one that is not the fault of the company, there will be reduced confidence in the organisation, and for one that is non-profit, that can be very damaging to its reputation. Secondly, the potential costs of a major security breach could be large, and while this would be bad enough for a “regular” company, it would hit the pockets even more of a non-profit business; it would have a significant financial impact. This can all be avoided if proper security is in place, and this is an essential part of the maintenance of the site.

Next, it is important to keep the site up-to-date, and this point is twofold. The content needs to be updated to reflect current events and laws, which for the likes of a charity is crucial in case their work is directly impacted by new rules and regulations. But the background work, the internal dashboard tweaks made by WordPress themselves, can see minimal changes have a maximum impact upon the performance of the site, and if these suggested improvements aren’t approved of by you and your team, then it could see the site become slower and more outdated as time goes on. Again, the maintenance will cover such updates.

Finally, WordPress are always creating new and intriguing plug-in widgets which will make the user experience more exciting and thus make your site a more worthwhile destination, as well as bringing attention to other areas of the business. Some of these have been well-established, such as blog rolls, social media feeds and QR codes, but as technology changes, there will be additional features that make a site – and ideally your site – an innovator and a platform for the newest, most eye-catching online trends.

Where this can help a non-profit organisation is how the company – let’s use a charity as an example – can position itself as being different, and doing some very unique things. A lot of businesses are on Twitter, but how many of those are doing online Twitter chats via their website? Many non-profit companies upload videos to YouTube, but how many hold live online seminars to discuss their specific sector? A website can open the door for such opportunities, especially in WordPress, but these are only possible through having a full understanding, and the required time and knowledge to properly maintain the site, looking out for such opportunities that can help the company. The primary purpose of a website is to promote your business, especially non-profit companies, and all of these nifty enhancements can further establish you as being on trend and on the ball with new technology, as opposed to relying on the older, more archaic ways of getting the word out about your organisation’s services. Simply put, the more unique and innovative ways that you can get the word out about what your company are doing, the better.

WordPress Bees go above and beyond to help non-profit organisations when it comes to the management of their website maintenance. So, you are able to concentrate on other key areas of running the business, while we go that extra mile to have your site right up to speed, on point, safe and generally performing at the maximum possible capacity. You can read more about how we can help you by visiting our website, which is