Benefits Of WordPress Maintenance For Design Agencies

By December 1, 2018 No Comments

You may have read our recent blog on the different methods involved within WordPress Maintenance. Beyond the main purposes of maintaining your WordPress site, there are other major benefits to those, especially for design agencies who have a plethora of clients with such online platforms.

To start with, it lets your client know that their site will be run securely and safely. Sure, you’ve already designed the site for them and it functions well, but that is of little use to them if their site is in danger of attracting viruses. However, depending on their understanding of WordPress, they may be unable to handle this on their own, or maybe they do not have the time. This is where the agency could step up and go that extra mile with their service delivery, especially if using a topnotch WordPress security provider such as iThemes Security Pro. Security also covers website files and any users with login accounts for the sites; the last thing a company wants is for a hacker to obtain any level of personal information about its users, but again this process can be very technical to operate, hence why the digital agency could play this role for the client.

It could also include the agency keeping the site up-to-date and robust when it comes to smooth integration of fresh, tweaked plug-ins provided by WordPress. This would be very important to the client for the same reason as in our previous point: the client wants to receive the best quality website possible, so it has to be capable of handling updates and generally running at full capacity. If the design agency can’t provide this, it will leave a bad taste in the customer’s mouth, but if the agency can not only provide this but continue to monitor it for future updates, that will leave the client feeling very satisfied, and increasing the chances of them recommending the agency to other companies in a similar position.

Also, think about having a plugin activated for back-ups. This will depend on whatever content the client is rolling out to its audience, but should it consist of regular blog articles, there’s a good chance that once the story goes live the client moves onto the next article without necessarily thinking to have a back-up saved. Therefore, in the event of a malfunction that sees the articles wiped off the site, the client is in big trouble with regards to restoring said content. That is where the agency can help by providing that plugin, perhaps the popular BackupBuddy plugin, and having it work so that, should the content ever need to be rolled back, and/or in the event that mass content suddenly disappears, it can be restored and returned onto the site in minimal time and with minimal fuss.

It’s important, therefore, for digital agencies to consider offering WordPress Maintenance as part of the overall website design package for their clients. However, you could also consider the possibility of using our organisation, WordPress Bees, with regards to us providing a white label service for looking after a client’s WordPress site. As part of the package, we would do the legwork for day-to-day background running of the page, but it would be offered to your client as if it were being delivered by the agency. That way, you would get a reduced rate from us, the client is saving money, we get to work with new sites, and everybody benefits by the process being simplified. After all, if the agency happens to be designing sites by the dozen, it could also be that you too will not have the time to maintain and manage the site upon completion, but we can step in and do this while allowing you, the agency, to still promote such a service as if it were your own.

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