Sensational WordPress Maintenance & Support for driven recruitment websites

A virtual webmaster service for small business owners. Keeping your site up-to-date, free of bugs, fast & secure.

Unlimited Edits

Our plans come with unlimited edits, meaning you can ask us to update, edit or remove any text on your site bit it pages, blog posts or job listings.

Race Car Performance

Fast, well oiled, tuned to perfection. We’ll make sure your site is as fast as it can be and optimised for peak performance.

Monthly Reports

We’ll send you a full breakdown of the maintenance carried out on your site each month so that on a daily basis you don’t need to worry about the micro and can focus on the macro.

Bank Vault Security

We make sure your site is locked-down and secure against the malicious types out there. We can enforce strong passwords for your team and your customers as well as combing through the site looking for any chinks in your armour.

Custom Coding

Our plans include a few hours of hands on development time so that we can tackle tasks and work with custom developed or bespoke code. This means there’s no need for you to worry about all the ways that you could improve your site – we’ve got it covered.


Crumbs! Never did I imagine that I’d be so excited about systems but they are the conduit through which we deliver a lot of our best work. Being able to repeat a task time and time again to a very high standard free’s up our creative juices for other tasks, and our clients reap those rewards.

Nightly Backups

There’s no better feeling than notification of a recently completed website backup. And you can quote us on that. Our nightly backups and weekly backup of our backups ensure that should the worst happen, you’ll be back online in no time.

Heart-on-sleeve Support

We care. Honestly it’s as simple as that. What we do, we do extremely well because we care about our craft, we give a tish about the outcome and how we work together; our goals is to make your site just about the best hot-damn site around.

A three-feet guarantee

If a hive is moved more than three feet, those fuzzy little bumbles can get lost and confused. So our promise to you is that if you don’t enjoy your move to us we’ll help you move to a new service provider, no awkward questions, no hard feelings.

WordPress Bees think about the user experience front end and back. It's great having a CMS, it's even better having one where it's been fully thought through how it will be used. I love the screencast training videos where you have taken the time to show how to use the WordPress CMS.

Louise HalseyOomph Agency

Chris has supported us on a number of projects, including a full WordPress site build requiring very close attention to detail.
We were very impressed by his strong technical ability and comprehensive approach.
He works quickly and accurately with a great attitude making him and is a welcome addition to our team.
I look forward to working with him again, and would highly endorse him for other projects.


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