WordPress Bees are here to help, no matter your industry sector.

Whether you are a Design Agency, Freelance Web Designer, Event Company or some other form of business, pick up the phone and talk to us today. Let’s get buzzing!

We have built up an extensive portfolio –

There can be nothing that serves as a better testament to a team’s skills than their most recent work. Don’t focus too much on the site’s aesthetics, (as most of the time, we didn’t design them) but instead on the quality of the work and the brands who have entrusted us to deliver for them.

We are diligently deadline driven -

The life of a design agency is one of vital deadlines and consistent pressure – miss a launch date, and it could well spell disaster. With deadlines to meet and clients to service, you need a development team that you can trust with your hard-earned reputation. The success or failure of a project is founded upon planning and a complete understanding of the process ahead, which is why we will make sure that we fully understand your requirements before we begin. From there on in it’ll be all go, go, and go, with nothing but dead set mini milestones and solid communication to keep you updated along the way.

With us, WordPress websites are just the start -

We have built hundreds of WordPress websites from the ground up, but sometimes you’ll need someone with specialist WordPress knowledge to work on the smaller of tasks, such as the building of WordPress templates, the creation of custom post types, the tweaking of a WordPress ecommerce platform or the editing of WordPress widgets, short codes and more. We can attend to all of this as we have ample expertise in these areas.

We are transparent -

Every design agency is different, and whatever you’re individual needs, we will adapt our service to suit. If you need us to work closely with your team, no problem and as far as your client is concerned, we are just an extension of your company. Our communication, tasks and milestones will usually be run through Basecamp to help you understand exactly what we are working on. You can then update your client regularly.

We tackle problems proactively -

The truth is that almost every website project in the world encounters a hiccup or two. It’s the ways in which these problems are overcome that makes the difference. With this in mind, we always raise issues early, and will work alongside you to figure out the best solution for your client. We can work with your other developers, team leaders, project managers and even members of the board. It’s all part of the service.

We are happy to work on existing code -

We like to roll our own, but know what it’s like to work as part of a team and pick up a task from where it was left off. We frequently work with and extend existing custom code and third-party plugins.

We provide you with the copyright to the website -

Once the contract has been paid for in full, the copyright remains with the owner of the site, your client. If we are taking over a project then the code would already be yours.

We offer aftercare and support -

Most projects we complete, especially if we’re creating something bespoke (or adding functionality that requires a more than a few steps to create) will come complete with a screencast video, showing you (and your client) click by click how to manage and maintain the site we’ve built for you. If you or your client needs additional ongoing support after the project has been handed over that’s no problem either. We have a number of maintenance plans that can be customised to suit your needs.

We always meet deadlines -

One of the first things we’ll discuss is your deadline, your budget and the deliverables. Before starting work we’ll make sure that we’re singing from the same song sheet on all three points so that you/your client get real value from working with us.

We are able to convert PSD to WordPress -

We will convert to simple HTML and then into a custom WordPress theme.

We can work with premium themes or custom developed themes -

Depending upon your design and your client’s budget, we can use an off-the-shelf theme and customise it based on your design.

Adding functionality to an existing site is no problem -

We can integrate our code into an existing site so it’s as good as, if not better, than what we’re replacing.

We are able to work on any size of project -

It is never a problem to work on smaller, maintenance based tranches of work. This works well if you would like to extend the functionality of a site or build a new WordPress site from the ground up.

We plan our lead times carefully -

We do something a little different to some freelance WordPress developers; We schedule work into a calendar! We plan our time and deliver quality work to deadline. Because we schedule work in there can sometimes be a short wait of a few weeks before we’re able to start working with you. As soon as you have a new project in sight, get in touch with us.

Able to work with existing code/themes/plugins, we are always happy to take over a project

We frequently work and extend existing custom code and third-party plugins.

We build responsive sites -

We’ve been working with responsive websites for over eight years. Every site we work on these days is optimised for viewing on many different devices including iPhones and tablets.

We will tell you what we need to get started -

We tend to follow a project management process and use Basecamp for all communication so we’ll be requesting certain bits of information from you during the project kick-off. With that said, the typical things we tend to need would be layered PSD (Photoshop) files of the designs you want to be created, wireframes (perhaps) and hosting details of the live server.

Websites are search engine optimised -

The sites we work on will be tweaked and optimised to improve their performances within the major search engines.

We provide several payment options -

If we’re working on a project (rather than as part of a monthly Payment Plan retainer) then we ask for 50% payment upfront so that we can schedule the work and clear the decks ready for working with you and your team. On completion of the project, the remaining 50% will then be invoiced and will be payable within 30 days. If you change your mind part way into the project, then that’s not a problem. We can renegotiate terms and fees up to the next project deliverable and schedule when and if the next tranche of work will begin and what tasks should be tackled. Even if we find that we’re just not going to be a good fit (hey, it happens), you will not be tied into any long contract. We can arrange a full (or partial) refund of any monies if the project breaks down within the first 30 days.

We can work to a trial period –

If you’re at all worried about whether to commit to working with us, we can work on a small road-mapping project first to scope out deliverables and any problems the project might face in the coming stages. This can be a great way to sample working with us and for us to find out what it’s like to work with you.

We can offer design services too -

Simply provide us with a brief and we can discuss between us what your client is looking for.

We are able to manage SEO & Social Media Campaigns -

All we need to know is how many posts are needed and when and what sort of content the client is seeking.

We are able to develop custom plugins -

Never feel that you are limited to purely what is available online.

We can integrate with your CRM systems -

No matter which CRM system we have, we can integrate it with your WordPress site.

We have experience of working with APIs -

Application programming interfaces are something that we are used to working with.

We ensure that you work with your very own professional WordPress Developer -

Work with us and get matched with your very own professional WordPress Developer. Once your developer has been briefed, they will work on your requests, keeping your clients happy and your creative team on track. No swapping from one person to another and complete continuity guaranteed.

Website backups are included -

We’ll ensure that your clients’ sites are backed up each and every night. We even take backups of our backups so there’s absolutely no way that your client’s content can be lost or damaged.

We offer comprehensive monthly Payment Plan Packages -

Flat-Rate Pricing guaranteed

Say goodbye to hourly billing. You pay the same price every month, no matter how many changes are required!

Backups included

Never worry about losing files

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Send us as many small client requests as you want and see how we can deliver. If we’re not a fit, you will get a 100% no quibble refund!

Forget Contracts

Our payment plans are month-to-month with no long-term commitment


A dedicated professional developer, always ready for your next request. When you need amends or changes to WordPress websites, send us the details and we’ll take care of it.

Ongoing VIP WordPress Support

Need some help or technical advice? We have a dedicated team ready to provide helpful and timely support no matter what you need. If it’s WordPress, we are here to help.

Unlimited Requests & Revisions built in

Send in as many requests as you like, your developer will work until you’re completely satisfied.