The Best Events and Class Registration Plugins For WordPress

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Do you have an event and you are wondering how you can handle the management of the event from your WordPress site? Perhaps you have a masterclass and you are looking to take care of things like ticketing, RSVPs, guest management, automated email notifications, payment processing, booking forms etc. Well, the good news is that there are some cool plugins that can hook into your existing WordPress site letting you handle all aspects of your event seamlessly. Let’s take at some of these plugins, shall we?

Event Ticket Plus By Modern Tribe

Event Ticket Plus is one awesome plugin out of the Modern Tribe collection. It is specifically tailored for anyone looking to create an event and manage it entirely from within WordPress. It allows you to customize the event registration forms any way you like, plus you can create as many event tickets as you want and sell them directly from your site. The tickets purchased by the attendees will be automatically emailed to attendees making it easy to print. Within the WordPress backend, you will get all the attendee info which can be exported to CSV, perhaps for analytic purposes or printing of name, badges etc. Checking in your attendees into the event is also quite easy. You can do it manually from the system or better even scan the QR code on the generated tickets.

EventON WordPress Plugin

EventON is another popular plugin you can use to add an event calendar to your WordPress website. It comes with other event management features such as support for single and multiple events, the ability to create events that don’t have a specified end time, setting recurring events, pre-scheduling events, and the ability to customize the way your event will look on the front end of your site. You can customize your events not just using pictures, icons, and colors but also through integrations like Google Maps to show the exact event venue. Did we also mention that the plugin integrates well with payment systems like Paypal? This is a welcome feature if you need attendees to pay prior to the event.

The only downside with this plugin is that most of the features come as add-ons to the base plugin so that features like the CSV Importer, event tickets, event lists, daily view, reminders and event viewer all incur an extra cost. In other words, it might be a bit expensive to use it for small events but a good fit for bigger events.

Events Plus Events Calendar Registration & Booking Plugin

This is another powerful WordPress plugin yet amongst the cheapest events plugins you can use to sell tickets, manage attendees and more pertaining to an event. The plugin allows you to customize events on WordPress with features like adding the event location using the Google Map API, customizing the look and feel of the event on the site and customizing the event date and time (the plugin supports reoccurring and indefinite events among other options). It also integrates with Stripe and PayPal right out of the box with no additional costs.

Event Espresso

Event Espresso isn’t a cheap events management plugin but it is certainly up there with the best. It is a plugin that allows you to handle everything from managing capacity levels right through to ticketing. Just like the other plugins we have mentioned, you can run multiple events using this plugin but perhaps the most interesting feature is that you can split your events into segments. Say, for instance you have an event that will be running over two days. Instead of creating two different events on separate days, you can split the one event into two. Cool right? Ticketing has also been made customizable with the plugin while there are a number of payment gateways you can use to allow attendees to pay i.e Paypal, Net and Mijireh.

Final Remarks

That’s it! These may not be all the best events plugins for WordPress but they are definitely those that stand a cut above the rest. It’s now your turn to take your pick, of course depending on what you are looking to achieve –  and if you get stuck, don’t forget that WPbees is just an email away!