Driving Revenue & Customer Loyalty With WooCommerce

By July 5, 2018 No Comments

WooCommerce is the world’s most customisable eCommerce platform where you have the ability to operate your own online store tailor-made to the methods and styles that you require. With almost 44 million downloads to date, the popularity and success of WooCommerce continues to grow, especially for UK businesses, but the main aims are to provide success for clients by driving revenue and customer loyalty for their organisations, and here are three ways in particular to achieve these goals.

Beginning with driving revenue, WooCommerce allows your business to sell literally anything, so no product type, size or price is limited. You can sell as little or as much as you want; of course, the greater the range of products is that you are selling, the higher the chances are that you’ll achieve strong sales figures, and the more interest that your eCommerce site receives, the greater the revenue will be. But in terms of bringing users to the site in the first place, WooCommerce combines commerce with content, and is built entirely on WordPress. This means that engaging articles, updates and promotional material will catch the eyes of many people who otherwise might not have discovered your business, and once they are on the website, the integration between the content and the commerce features will link them directly to pages where they can purchase any products being spotlighted. Via WooCommerce, content drives commerce, and commerce drives revenue.

As for customer loyalty, WooCommerce allows anyone who purchases a product through a business’ commerce system to create an account for the site which tracks sales and, over time and through frequent usage, can lead to incentives and bonuses. What’s more, the ability is there for customers to provide ratings and reviews of products which will always appear whenever other users are viewing the item pages. Don’t forget, too, that the organisation itself will often be providing special offers for regular customers, and WooCommerce can identify which people have spent the most on their products so that they hear about these discounts first.

But don’t think that WooCommerce limits business to the UK. Not only can organisations from outside the United Kingdom put together a content-driven commerce site, but those living beyond the British Isles who wish to buy products and generally demonstrate an attachment to the organisation are fully able to not only purchase items, but to also build up loyalty so that they can benefit from any internationally-focused special offers. In addition, because large organisations currently use WooCommerce, it will catch the eyes of bigger companies from overseas, meaning that if they work with the seller either for sales or for other areas of the business, this can add a great amount of value and revenue to the British business in the long-term.

These are just three ways that WooCommerce can help a British company to drive revenue and customer loyalty through this ecommerce system. Here at WordPress Bees, as well as providing you with extra information about WooCommerce, we can also build this platform directly into your web page. Find out more on our website at