8 Most Successful Tricks to Implement in Your WooCommerce Store

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If you are running a WooCommerce store on WordPress then you probably already know that attracting customers is easier said than done. Your site may have the right look, be selling the right products and have all the required bells and whistles, but the real hurdle is getting the customers to buy from your site in a world where the competition is getting stronger every day.

Well, if getting customers to your site has left you scratching your head then this article is for you! We have compiled a few tricks you can use to get customers and convert more users into your new WooCommerce store. Let’s delve in, shall we?

Improve Trust On Your site

For starters, you need to build trust among users keeping in mind that most people are wary of the security of buying online. It is estimated that over 50% of businesses in the US experienced a cyber attack in the past year and obviously users are getting scared of falling prey to these breaches. This is why you need to assure your users that they are safe but how do you do this?

One of the simplest ways is to secure your customers is with an SSL certificate (converting to HTTPS) and showing an SSL trust symbol on your site to assure them of protection. The beauty of this approach is that you can buy a cheap SSL certificate, install it on your server and you are good to encrypt communication between users and your server in almost no time at all.

Improve SEO Ranking

HTTPS is not just about protection as it is also a ranking signal in SEO. If you don’t know what the heck SEO is all about its how you can affect the way your WooCommerce site ranks on Google and other search engines. Ranking higher on Google means getting more customers who are searching for products. In fact, direct traffic and organic traffic are the most important sources of traffic but of course. you shouldn’t ignore referral, paid and social traffic as well.

Now, improving SEO rankings is not just a result of adding an SSL certificate, there is a lot more required to optimise your content for search engine crawlers. Here is a complete guide on how to do SEO for the business .

Add Product Reviews

We all like a second opinion on something before we can make a decision. This is why customers like sampling product reviews on ecommerce sites, just to get an honest opinion on the product. In other words, you need to give consumers a chance to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction on your products as this will help sell your authenticity to other users out there. Besides, these reviews will even serve as feedback that will help you analyze customer purchase behavior patterns and improve your platform. Did we mention that product reviews are also great for improving SEO rankings as well?

If you are still not convinced about product reviews on the WooCommerce site, take a look at these stats:

  • According to Reevoo stats, having 50 or more reviews per product can translate to a 4.6% rise in the conversions.
  • According to iPerceptions, 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if a site has product reviews.
  • According to a survey done by Expo in 2010, Consumer reviews are significantly more trusted (nearly 12 times more) than descriptions that come from manufacturers

Streamline the Checkout Process

A customer might have fallen in love with your products but then once they get to the checkout, something goes wrong. The deal just goes off as the customer abandons the cart. It is a common problem among many ecommerce sites and it is one you need to fix if you are to keep hold of your users from start to finish. The key here is to simplify the checkout process making it easier to buy.

One way to do this is to allow customers to make a purchase without creating an account on your site. In fact, you can be smart and ask for registration after the purchase has been made. ASOS, an online fashion store has used this strategy to a great success. They managed to reduce cart drops by 50% through this

You can also integrate the favorite payment methods on the WooCommerce site e.g Paypal, Credit cards, Mobile Money etc.

Tailor For Mobile

Unlike a decade a go, desktop is no longer ruling the web. Mobile phones are now the most preferred way of surfing online and the trend is bound to grow in the coming years. In other words, most buyers are now using mobile phones meaning that you have to tailor your WooCommerce store for mobile. This entails making your website mobile friendly and even creating apps for mobile users. Here is a guide on crafting your WooCommerce store for mobile. .

Deals & Offers

Customers are always looking for better deals and naturally, anyone offering the cheaper option will always get more hits. You can lure customers to your site by presenting them with deals and offers that beat off your competition. One of the oldest tricks out of the ecommerce business book is to offer free shipping which has been proven to entice virtually every customer buying online.

A study done by Walker Sands Future Of Retail in 2016 found that nine out of 10 online shoppers buy from sites that offer free shipping ! In addition, users also want products delivered fast, preferably same day shipping. If you can offer these two deals on your store then you may have just struck gold!

Money Back Guarantee

Isn’t it cool if you can purchase a product and you are able to return it back if it isn’t the right one? It is a common feat in brick and mortar stores no wonder ecommerce businesses have also adopted it to attract more customers. New customers may want to try out your products and one of the ways to entice them to try is to assure them that they can get their money back if anything goes wrong.

Market Your WooCommerce Store

Last but not least, you will need to create a rigorous marketing strategy for the platform in a bid to create brand awareness. When it comes to marketing, focus more on using digital ads and clever traditional marketing strategies. Social media marketing is one of the best and cheapest ways to market yourself these days but you can go as far as advertising on Google (e. g using ‘Shopping Campaigns by Google’). The best place to start is to analyze how your competitors are spending on advertising then plan how you can implement your own marketing campaigns.

Final Remarks

That’s it! These strategies are just the tip of the iceberg but they should help set your WooCommerce store on an upward trajectory. Just remember though, your customers are your brand’s biggest ambassador thus you should always ensure you keep them happy!