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WordPress Bees?

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I’m Christopher Hough – nice to meet you. WordPress Bees is the trading name of my business – I’m a WordPress Freelancer – and I simply love what I do. Here’s my story…

Like any great Marvel origin story, stung by a bee (on my eye lid, no less) at the tender age of just 18 months old, I developed extraordinary honey-based powers – and ever since I’ve been a sworn enemy of the bee fraternity*

* The childhood accident bit is true, the rest is legend back-story fable untrue. I bare no ill-will against the bees. In fact whilst I’d prefer to avoid any future bee related trauma, I remain actively worried about their well-being and I think everyone else should, too.

So that’s the Bee part, now allow me to explain why WordPress

You can think of WordPress Bees as a small, yet perfectly formed, web development shop specialising in building websites using the WordPress content management system.

There are an almost never ending array of benefits for businesses choosing WordPress over other platforms – I could in all likelihood write a 32 series novella on its plus points, alas, you’re time is short, so I’ll summarise.

WordPress is an incredibly easy to use website content management system (CMS); it ‘sits’ behind your website providing you with the ability to update pages, add and change images and create new blog posts at will. That’s right, no waiting around, ever, for your web designer to fit you into their schedule!

Whilst super easy to use, WordPress is not to be underestimated – it is as powerful as you need it to be; the WordPress CMS can control a small website as comfortably as it can an online magazine, newspaper or ecommerce store – serving thousands of customers per day. Contact forms, maps, downloadable documents and even online course websites can all be ran upon the impressive WordPress platform.

So, if you hadn’t guessed, I’m a pretty passionate fan of WordPress, and as this platform is trusted by 1 in 3 of all the websites online, it may be time for your business to take the WordPress challenge.

Where in the world?!

WordPress Bees is based near Liverpool, England.

When can we get going?

For my current availability email chris@wpbees.com.

Why web development?

I’ve been working in the web industry for several years (I began at University). Having started as a developer for MoneySupermarket, my career path took me in many magical directions, and gave me many memorable opportunities such as:

  • leading the UK Search Engine Optimisation team for a large multi-national online marketing agency
  • becoming an accidental affiliate manager and virtual fire-fighter
  • working with the online team of the world’s largest insurance broker
  • being awarded a Prince2 Practitioner certification.
  • Oh, and there was that time I tweeted on behalf of one of the UK’s most popular celebrities too… good times.

Throughout all of this there has been WordPress. The content management system of choice for the world’s websites – and a website framework that, for the past decade, I have lovingly prodded and poked, flexed and made-fit for my needs to make it control my content, my way.

Today WordPress is everything most websites need and more. I’m genuinely surprised that it’s not used by more website owners as I feel that you can do almost anything with it.

My happy stroll through a number of digital careers helped me realise that WordPress development is what I do better than most and it’s something that I now work with every day (great times!)

A little bit more about my experience

I’m a WordPress specialist and work best with businesses looking for a long term partnership. Be that a marketing team needing support for their new WordPress website, an editorial team wanting to make continual improvements to their existing site or a web design agency looking for a skilled WordPress developer.

WordPress Bees has been trading as a limited company since September 2009 and is registered for VAT.

Your WordPress developer is just an email away ..

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