Stop worrying about your WordPress website

Our team of WordPress experts will look after your website day and night. We’ll make sure its secure. We’ll make sure its fast. And then we’ll help you achieve whatever you need to make your WordPress website better.
Have you ever considered

How much is it costing you to soldier on with your WordPress website?

How many times are you going to curse the heavens because
“the page won’t do as it’s told”?

How many finger nails have to suffer as your site chugs along before finally showing you your updated page (but without the recent changes you made)? Does your website, as it stands today, help you attract the clients you want to work with tomorrow?
Going the DIY approach may be costing you more than you think.


For design/marketing teams

Hiring a freelance WordPress developer can be a hassle. Partner with us for reliable, freelance WordPress development.

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For small business

You know what you want your website to become and you probably could figure it out yourself in a few weeks (after many long nights and weekends), but you know in your heart-of-hearts that you need to hire an expert.

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For the ghosted

Ever had that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as the deadline quickly approaches and your freelancer is nowhere to be found?

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If three is the magic number

We're twice as good as the competition

Here are six ways we can help

Your tasks, done for you

Unlimited Small Updates

Custom Coding

Plugin Creation

Bug Hunting and QA


Automated Nightly Backups

Secure Cloud Based Backups

Backups Run Every 12 hours

Free Backup Restore


Brute Force Protection

Malware Scanning

Force Secure Passwords

IP Tracking

Spam Prevention

iThemes Security Pro £39 per month INCLUDED


Support Helpdesk

Weekly Plugin Updates

Weekly Core Updates

Monthly Progress Report


Image Optimisation

Minify Javascript and CSS

Render-Blocking Resources

Leverage Browser Caching

Enable Compression

Speed Optimisation £249 INCLUDED

Screencast training

How To Use Your Site

Shareable With Your Team

HD Video

To mis-quote Seth Godin…

People like us work with people like this

Get the help you need

Apply Online

Complete a short online application letting us know what you’re struggling with and the level of help you need.

Talk it through

We’ll arrange a quick phone call
to make sure we understand your requirements

Your website is updated

We access your site and begin with a full security scan and website backup, so that any changes we make are built upon a rock-solid foundation

Fix your WordPress problems

Tell us how we can help

Helping you to do more

WordPress support tasks
Done for You.

You need to add details about that new service, update that old blog post, and figure out where the lead forms are sending emails to! And then there’s that bit of the website that you’re always scared you might break so you try and avoid that wherever possible!

We’re here to take all of that off your plate.
Belt and braces.
Whatever support you need for your WordPress website, send it our way and we get it done.

85% of support requests respond to within 90 minutes

63% of support requests actioned within 2 working days

No wasted time

Quality work

Frequently Asked Questions


You’re probably frustrated because you thought that updating your WordPress website would be a 5 minute job, but after almost an hour you still haven’t been able to make it do what you want it to. You’ve got better ways to spend your time and just need to know that your website is in safe-hands.

When can you start?

WordPress website backups and malware scans can usually be done next day. Small site update tasks can be done within a couple of days, with larger site changes scheduled within ten days.
We don’t like to keep you waiting but we also take the time to ensure that your jobs are done right.

How do I contact you?

We have a support email address that you can send jobs to day and night. We review these open tasks daily to prioritise and schedule them in.

Fair, simple pricing.

All types of small businesses need access to web development resources, so we give you the option to
decide how much you need.

Basic Plan
£ 50 /mo

plus. VAT

Nightly backups of your website's data

Security scans of your website each week

Plugin updates bi-monthly

WordPress core updates bi-monthy

Monthly progress report

Maintenance only

20% Discount for hourly-rate tasks

Get it now
Business PLAN
£ 180 /mo

plus. VAT

Nightly backups of your website's data​

Security scans of your website each week

Plugin updates bi-monthly

WordPress core updates bi-monthly

Monthly progress report

Maintenance plus Support

Unlimited small jobs / updates included

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Custom WordPress Development

If you have a larger project or need more bespoke support, talk to our Queen Bee.