WordPress Bees

Freelance WordPress Development & Support
for Marketing & Editorial Teams.
Monthly WordPress development, maintenance and support for your online business.

Marketing Teams

You’re busy running your business. I act as your WordPress Partner – ensuring that your online presence is maintained and remains as an effective tool within your marketing arsenal.

WordPress for Marketing Teams

WordPress Maintenance

A done-for-you maintenance service to help keep your WordPress website online, safe & secure. If you just need to know that your website is taken care of, trust me to deliver.

WordPress Website Maintenance

Design agencies

Need an experienced, reliable WordPress developer? You may just have found him. I work hand in hand with creative agencies the length and breadth of the UK – to date I’ve developed and delivered dozens of WordPress projects, which have made my clients happy, and their own customers ecstatic.

I flex and fit around the ways in which you work with your own clients – and whether you require a white label service or a seamless partnership, I’m here – ready when you are.

WordPress for Design Agencies

Freelance Designers

If you’re a busy freelance designer it pays to do what you do best - crafting pixel perfect website designs and highly polished user interfaces. When the time comes to have your designs brought to life and built for the web, you can trust me to supply the robust code that does your designs justice. Both you and your client will be delighted with the result – no ifs, buts or exceptions.

WordPress for Freelance Designers

Your business goals are always changing – why would your website stay the same?

If business is going well, your WordPress website will need to evolve and adapt to meet your ever changing business goals; custom functionality, improved user experience, more ways to capture leads, new ways to market your products or services. Whatever you need, and whenever you need it, we can work together to make it a reality.

View the range of WordPress Services

Looking for a web development resource?

Do you know what makes me happy? Solving interesting problems. Every day I dive into a website and create something with angle brackets and logic that makes someone else’s job a whole lot easier. I pull data from one place and put it somewhere else, I make it easy to add or manage a website’s content. If I’m pitching this right, none of that appeals to you, but you get your kicks from user interface, colour theory, font kerning, customer journeys and user experience. With my brackets and your beautiful designs, together we can create something exceptional.

View the range of WordPress Services

10 years of freelancing. Dozens of clients. Reliability and communication are at the core of every project.

I’m not a designer, nor do I play one on the internet. One of the perks of my job is being able to work alongside incredibly talented designers who can imagine a better way of communicating a message, positioning a brand or designing for seamless user journeys that lead to rock steady conversions. I work right there alongside them, to build beautifully responsive WordPress driven websites.

View the range of WordPress Services

Need my help?

Monthly WordPress Retainers.
View my list of monthly retainer services for growing businesses and busy marketing teams. WordPress Retainers

Monthly WordPress Maintenance.
Just need a done-for-you maintenance service to help keep your site online, safe & secure? Need an occaisonal guiding hand, someone you can call on for help & support? WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Website Migration.
Moving hosts? Changing domain? Moving your site to WordPress? Find out more about my 3 Feet Promise WordPress Migration

WordPress Development & Consultation
If you're a project manager looking for some extra development resource, get in touch to check my availability.

Hire me for you next project.
I have a few consulting/development slots open and availability for monthly retainer projects, contact chris@wpbees.com to see if we're a good fit.

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